It was a miracle how Fifi survived.

When I was younger, I had two hamsters 🐹 – Fifi and Polly. It was in the afternoon, when I just came back home from school. As usual, I played with the two hamsters with my older sister.

My sister was lying on the carpet and put the hamster on the ground. After a while, I asked my sister: “Where is Fifi?”. We froze in our positions thinking about this. All of a sudden, my sister shouted.


I replied with: “huh?” in confusion.


Immediately I stood up and there my hamster lay.

In the blink of an eye, we could see blood coming out of my hamster’s mouth staining the carpet. Her eyes stopped blinking. 

Me and my sister started crying loudly, thinking that this would be the end of our hamster. I was flooded with regret and fear, and my stomach had flipped learning that I had done this to my hamster. 

My parents immediately looked and saw what had happened. My mum said that we must pray for the hamster. We sat in a circle around the hamster and prayed to God. 

My mother prayed: “God, I pray that you save Fifi. We have lost some pets in the past. Please heal her and help her survive.” After praying, we watched our hamster’s eyes move, then it slowly stood up and started moving.

We were overjoyed! My father gently put Fifi back into her cage. From that day on she had gotten stronger day by day, and became healthy once again. 

From this incident, I was reminded once again that God is great and he can do anything.

After the incident, Fifi gradually recovered and became healthy again. 🐁

Alyssa Ho