【Glass Half Full】Taking advantage of someone’s weakness?

Kenyan runner Abel Mutai was only a few feet away from the finish line, but he got confused with the sign and stopped, thinking he had finished the race. A Spanish runner, Ivan Fernandez, was right behind him and, realizing what was going on, started screaming at the Kenyan to keep running. Mutai didn’t know Spanish and didn’t understand. Realizing what was happening, Fernandez pushed Mutai to the victory.

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【Opinion】Thoughts on Mulan

Mulan is arguably one of the most controversial films in recent years. Not because of the inclusion of any controversial messages, but due to the talk circulating its lead actress Liu Yi-fei regarding her support of the Hong Kong police during last year’s anti-government protests. After people learned of this, Disney’s live-action film was widely boycotted.

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