【Pets】 Cats Like Music

Do you think only humans like music? Cats really like music too! It was night time in Malaysia. A man played a guitar for his friends to listen to. Out of blue four tiny baby kittens came out of nowhere. They sat on the floor admiring the man’s singing and guitar playing. Their heads were looking up at the man curiously. They seem to enjoy the music a lot! It was true entertainment. 

According to scientific research reported in ‘PBS NEWS HOUR’, cats don’t like human songs but instrumental music. The method to get pets to listen is composing music that is similar to its way of communicating. To help our feline friends enjoy music, animal behavior scientists believe that the music has to be species-specific.

Cats like soothing sounds, that explains why they are attracted by the guitar music. To this day scientists are still exploring different genres of music for cats. Cats are adorable!?Don’t you think?

Alyssa Ho

11 Years old 





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