【Free Talk】Merry Christmas?

Christmas was less than a month ago, was yours like the following?

“Merry Christmas!”

Christmas is the most beautiful time of the year, they say, where people become extraordinarily affectionate, expressing their love to others. 

Let’s have a quick recap of Christmas in Hong Kong from the past and present.

2018 and before

“Merry Christmas! Wish you good health and a fruitful year!”

“Let’s go to the Harbour to see Christmas lights!”

“Midnight mass will start at 11pm, please be on time.”

Christmas stockings. Joyful singing. Shops opened till late at night. 


“The popo are so cold blooded!”

“Stay safe. Do not go to crowded places.”

“Midnight mass will end at 10pm, parents please come to pick up your children from the Church.”

Tear gas. Black masks. Widespread robbery. 

Christmas 2019 was merely a temporary haven for people to forget what has happened over the past 6 months. All the fancy decorations could not hide the social tension and mutual hatred between the extremists from any side. Deep down, we all know that this series of unfortunate events will not end soon. 

So, who should we blame? How can we resolve this crisis? When will there be an end? What can be done to stop people from distorting the facts to suit their “values”? There is not a single answer to any of these questions, all we can do in the meantime is to stay alert, stay kind and stay just. 

No one can guarantee how and when Hong Kong’s political unrest will end. Regardless of the circumstances, we have to remain hopeful and faithful, because at the end of the day, only WE can save Hong Kong. 

A Hong Kong university student who glues her eye on details and loves to reflect on the meaning of life living in a struggling city.



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