【Art】A dog saved me from getting lost

I took the wrong path today and got slightly lost somewhere up towards Tai Mo Shan.

However, I would have got even more lost if it wasn’t for a concerned black village dog who barked at me before licking my arm all over, and then tugging at my jeans insistently with his teeth until I got the message, and shepherding me off what must have been a private track and back onto the track for going up the hill, after which he wagged his tail and went back to watchful sleep.

Village dogs know their job!

Up on the ridge, the path was so overgrown it was almost invisible. 

Later I came across the most delightful track coming down into a neighbouring valley through thick trees.

I stopped to sketch for a while.

The completed picture, soft crayon on water-colour paper.

I passed down through an abandoned overgrown village and ended at a spring.

Crumbling and fire blackened buildings which were once homes in the abandoned village.

The path through the village ended at a crystal clear spring.

David St Maur Sheil is a Lam Tsuen valley-based artist, who likes to combine art and storytelling to explore and reveal the hidden beauty in Hong Kong’s wilder places and raise awareness of treasuring and protecting them.



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