Always look carefully behind media stories

I often find that simple visual meme tells the story in a quick neat way!

Nury Vittachi is a Hong Kong-based journalist and author, who gained fame through his witty comedy-news writing. He deviates from the conventional “journalistic” style and uses creativity to expand the meaning of journalism. His work does not just make you laugh, but reflect.

Notes from the Editor:

This morning, the controversial SCMP article, written by two young reporters Laura Westbrook and Christy Leung, still remains on its website. But its original headline, “Lockdown residents given food they either cannot eat or cannot open”, was removed. The photo that showed cans turned upside down had been pulled out last night after the report was circulated wildly in Hong Kong’s social media yesterday. It was replaced by another photo, that appears below.

At noon today, we found a trace of the Post’s original story in its Twitter’s page (see the cover picture), showing the old headline and photo. But soon after, the article was modified with the photo removed. A netizen commented on the article: “I lost most, if not all, of my respect for SCMP in this one article. Great job!” A similar approach was used by RTHK in its report yesterday about the food given to lockdown residents, seemingly aimed at discrediting the government’s efforts to fight the Covid-19 pandemic. What a co-incidence!

Source: SCMP


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