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It’s easy to understand that the Media reports current events. This refers to the PRESENT.

Don’t misunderstand that the Media should bear the responsibility of waiting for a “POSSIBLE” change from the government before making a statement – something uncritical pro-government individuals fail to comprehend.

It’s not about “MAYBE”, but “NOW”.

The media’s role is to OBSERVE the present, then REPORT the matter. It’s THAT simple. The Media does NOT need public permission to do their job. Understand COMPLETELY before telling media professionals what to do.

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Are you afraid of hurting a big country’s ego? I can tell you with full certainty that no country would rely on YOUR defence. The International Media’s endless pumping of criticism regarding China and Hong Kong serves as the living proof in broad daylight, that China and Hong Kong would be completely fine whether or not you give your patriotic protection.

It’s laughable that you think a big government would be weakened simply by external criticism. You’ve missed the main point. If one never raises any concern whatsoever about the current state of Hong Kong or China, you are in turn preventing significant change in these places. In fact, only through criticism can a government fully develop. Are you saying you would rather reject improvement through avoiding criticism?

Ever heard of CONSTRUCTIVE CRITICISM? Because that is another reason on why this discussion to explain constructive criticism’s relationship with media reporting was even initiated. Let me tell you – to be frank, from the particular commentary, responses, and behavioural reaction received, it is evident as day that many people have never heard of this basic form of feedback which had already been known since the beginning of time to educated individuals.

First, don’t belittle any government. China does NOT need your saving. Second, it is key that you don’t need to baby a big country, in order for good change to come out of it. Third, when you say “not all things can be seen on the surface”, then when exactly is your supposed “good” time to comment? How long does “appropriate timing” even mean? Hypocrisy is when you tell others not to comment before knowing, but your commentary is doing exactly that.

Educate yourself, then evaluate your common sense.

Criticism of one’s country is completely opposite to the phrase “anti-government”, it is in fact wanting GOOD for the country. Don’t be blinded by your frog-in-the-well 井底之蛙 thinking. Let’s be forward thinking, logical, and mature individuals.

Learn to have a critical manner.

True Report does not sit and wait around pointlessly for things to change before proceeding to report! 👏

Report NOW!

The True Report Team



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