The complex sentiment within HKers

Why do so many have a somewhat love-hate relationship with China?

If you’re that person who appreciates China in the morning, then randomly despises China in the evening, this is about you.

For sure, Hong Kong owes its past prosperity to China for being a provider to Hong Kong providing affordable food, resources, and opportunities. And I am sincerely thankful for that. 

But there’s mixed emotions because China had and continues to play a role for Hong Kong’s failing reputation today known amongst locals and the world. 

What I’m trying to say is that Hong Kong has lost its spark. 

The very things that built Hong Kong for what it was well known have been stripped because of tighter regulations and measures in response to the irrational and illogical acts of HKers!

These are the mixed feelings deeply rooted in the souls of Hong Kongers, understandable, yet forever debatable.

A strong, bittersweet emotion marked within individuals in this home, something many would continue to live with. 




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